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Hempwellness offers 1lb grams of premium indoor hemp flower, available in six exceptional strains: Blue Dream, Gumbo, Skywalker OG, Original Haze, Berry Runts, and Pineapple Express. Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant strain with a sweet berry aroma, providing a balanced high that enhances creativity and focus while alleviating stress and pain. Gumbo, an indica-dominant hybrid, delivers a sweet, pungent aroma with a relaxing body high, perfect for stress and anxiety relief. Skywalker OG, an indica strain, features an earthy, piney scent and deeply sedative effects, ideal for evening use and insomnia. Original Haze, a balanced hybrid, offers a sweet, spicy aroma and an uplifting cerebral high, promoting creativity and reducing fatigue. Berry Runts, another hybrid, combines a fruity, candy-like aroma with a euphoric and relaxing effect, suitable for stress and mild pain. Pineapple Express, a sativa-dominant strain, boasts a tropical pineapple flavor and an invigorating high, perfect for daytime use and combating depression. Each strain is carefully cultivated indoors to ensure superior quality and consistency for both recreational and medical users.

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Berry Runtz, Blue Dream, Gumbo, Original Haze, Pineapple Exp, Skywalker Og


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